Digitally Controlled Variable Gain Amplifier


Digitally Controlled Variable Gain Amplifier

Variable Gain Amplifier AGC1011P

Wholesale Variable Gain Amplifier

Variable Gain Amplifier AGC1011P

Key Features

●  0.04GHz - 1.2GHz operating frequency range
●  High linearity, 60dBc CTB/CSO 135 Channels @+20dBmV/ch
●  36.5dB Gain at 55MHz;37dB Gain at 1000MHz
●  High dynamic gain range, 30dB Gain Control Range
●  Support 12dBm optical range Single supply, Single +5V Supply
●  Low power consumption, 180mA for one RF output at 5V supply voltage

●  Lead-free/RoHS compliant QFN4X4-24L package

Variable Gain Amplifier AGC1011P

Sanland’s AGC1011P is a variable Gain Amplifier with digital Attenuator. The Amplifier has low noise and high linearity achieved through the use of 0.5um GaAs Enhancement-mode pHEMT process. It is housed in a miniature 4.0 x 4.0 mm 24-pin Quad-Flat-Non- Lead (QFN) package. It is designed for optimum use from 0.04GHz up to 1.2GHz. The compact footprint and low profile coupled with low noise, high gain and high linearity make the AGC1011P an ideal choice as a low noise amplifier for CATV network and FTTH network.





Type Downstream
Frequency Min(GHz) 0.04
Frequency Max(GHz) 1.218
Gain(dB) 37
CSO(dBc)  -60
CTB(dBc)  -60
NF(dB) 0.5
Voltage(V) 5
Current(mA) 135
Package Type QFN
RoHS Yes
Lead Free Yes
Halogen Free Yes or No


Major Applications

  • CATV Network
  • FTTH Network


Electrical Characteristics For Application:

Param​​eter Specification Units Notes
Min Typ Max
Freq 0.04   1.218 GHz 40-1.218GHz
Gain   37 - dB 40-1.218GHz
Gain Control Range   30 - dB 0-24
CTB   60 - dB Test at Optical input Power -5dBm. 60 PAL-D channels DS22.OMI=3.5%per channel
CSO   60 - dB
CNR   45 - dB
Output return loss   -15 - dB 50-1.218GHz
NF   0.5 0.69 dB At 500MHz/5dBm
VDD   5   V  
IDD 160 180 200 mA Vdd = 5.0V
Test CondiUons: VDD=5V, IDD=180mA Typ. OIP3 Tone Spacing=1MHz, Pout per ton=+5 dBm
TL=25℃, ZL=75 Ohms

1. All measurements in a 75 Ohm system, unless otherwise specified. 

2. Specified at maximum gain. 

3. When the control voltage is changed, the attenuation is changed,Attenuation gain deviation is ±1.5dB


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