CATV Impedance Amplifier


CATV Impedance Amplifier

Sanland's TIAs is variable Gain Amplifier with Voltage Controlled Attenuator.The Amplifiers have low noise and high linearity achieved through the use of 0.5um GaAs D-mode pHEMT process.It is housed in a miniature 4.0x4.0mm 24-pin Quad-Flat-Non-Lead(QFN)package.It is designed for optimum use from 0.05GHz up to 1.2GHz.The compact footprint and low profile coupled with low noise,high gain and high linearity make the TIAs an ideal choise as a low noise amplifier for CATV network and FTTH network.

Part Number Brief Frequency
TypicalGain   (dB) Gain Control Range (dB) AGC control Voltage Range(V)


Input Noise  (pA/rtHz)

Voltage(V) Current (mA) Package
AVG1009 CATV Impedance Amplifier 0.05-1.0 29 24 0~3 3.2 5 180 QFN-24(4*4)
AVG1012 CATV Impedance Amplifier 0.05-1.0 42 34 0~3 3.2 5 190 QFN-24(4*4)

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