How to choose professional optical module manufacturers?

How to choose professional optical module manufacturers?
Oct 10, 2022

How to choose professional optical module manufacturers?

Due to optical modules on the market are endless and dazzling, many people do not know how to choose a suitable optical module manufacturer when purchasing optical modules.Next, Sanland will teach you how to find a third-party compatible module supplier with high cost performance?


Quality management system and certification qualification.

Manufacturers need to have ISO9001 quality management system and CE, ROHS, FCC certification.



Complete test equipment.

Manufacturers need to have a full set of test equipment, common equipment are optical attenuator, optical power meter, error code meter, eye chart instrument, brand switch, etc.



Systematic testing process

Good quality optical modules will go through product appearance test, parameter test, compatibility and connectivity test and optical end surface cleaning before shipment. However, not all optical module suppliers have complete test equipment, so it is better to choose the optical module suppliers who can provide factory test reports or the optical module has passed the switching test / simulated scene test, such as Sanland.



Module warranty time

The normal service life of an optical module is 5-6 years. The optical module provided by sanland has a two-year warranty and lifelong technical support.



Perfect storage system

The suppliers of compatible optical modules with a large amount of stock and perfect warehouse system represent that they have the ability to respond quickly, deliver goods in time, and respond to the needs of customers in different regions.



Service capability

The service of compatible optical module manufacturers is mainly reflected in product service, technical support, inventory support, pre-sale and after-sale service, etc.



Technical support

For some small enterprises, campuses and units, due to the lack of network administrator technology, network planning and design and network deployment technology problems can not be solved. If a compatible optical module supplier has a professional technical team, it can provide technical support, provide customized network deployment solutions for customers, and effectively and quickly solve the technical problems of network deployment.


In short, the cost performance of optical module should be considered when selecting optical module supplier, not just the price of optical module alone. Facing many optical module suppliers, we must not only see the price gap of tens of yuan, but also consider a series of strength of product quality, technical strength and service of the optical module supplier.

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