Hybrid Amplifier Module

Sanland’s hybrid amplifier module SMG series in a SOT115J package,which is based on GaAs/GaA/Silicon technology,and provides fully matched with 5MHz to 1200MHz frequency range for operation.Sanland’s hybrid amplifier module includes 1.2GHz forward Amplifier Module,Reverse Amplifier Module,Power Double Amplifier Module and Push-pull Amplifier Module.The power gain covers 18dB,22dB,25dB,27dB,29dB and 34dB.And the voltage supply covers 3.5V,5V,6V,12V and 24V.

The Hybrid amplifier module are low cost with good quality and lead time.What’s more,they are qualified with Excellent Linearity/Excellent Return Loss Properties/High Reliability/Extremely Low Noise.