Optical Module Structure And Main Use

Optical Module Structure And Main Use

Due to the technical development trend of electronic information technology, digital power amplifiers and passive optical components, the integrated optical transceiver module has become the main product of general optical modules in recent years. Although the packaging, speed and transmission distance of optical modules are different, their internal structure is basically the same. Now let's master and explore the principle of optical modules.

The main Use of optical module

Optical module is used medium for transmission between network switches and machinery and equipment, And is the main commodity in the optical communication system.The design principle of the optical module is to achieve the optical and electro-optical transformation photoelectric material commodity. The upload end of the optical module converts the electronic signal into an optical signal, And the coordinator converts the optical signal into an electronic signal.

Optical Module Stucture

The optical module is composed of multiple parts such as optoelectronic devices, power supply circuits and optical sockets.Optoelectronic device consists of two parts: send and transmission.

Optical module classification

Optical modules can be divided into optical receiver modules, optical push modules, Optical transceiver modules and share modules etc.The optical transceiver module key function is to complete the optical/electrical-optical conversion,Including laser power control, blend push, Data signal detection and its clipping and magnification, adjudication and reconstruction,Common are:SFP、SFP 、XFP 、SFP28、QSFP 、QSFP28 etc.

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