Product Director



Job Responsibilities

1. Develop product management systems and programs;

2. Plan product development direction and formulate long-term competitive strategies for products;

3. Provide constructive comments on the long-term development strategy of the product, and provide corresponding opinions for discussing strategic decisions with the decision-making level of the enterprise;

4. Participate in the company's annual marketing plan and budget preparation;

5. Conduct market research, conduct research and analysis on the development of related industries, and propose rectification plans for products;

6. Manage the entire process of product development, pricing, and listing, monitor product development, and address product issues;

7. Responsible for project management responsibilities related to product projects, responsible for completion schedule and quality;

8. Accurately grasp the market, provide product definitions, reasonable prices and effective market recommendations that meet customer needs;

9. Assist the corporate leadership to determine the price of the product and propose timely adjustments to the price based on market changes;

10. Understand and mine customer needs, focus on and analyze customer data, analyze and evaluate data and plan for planning and activities, optimize and adjust, and give executable solutions;

11. Responsible for liaison and cross-departmental coordination with relevant departments (sales, R&D, manufacturing, etc.).

job requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in marketing, electronics, microelectronics, communication, etc., more than three years of product, research and development or market experience, with overseas business experience preferred;

2. Ability to independently expand, operate the project and maintain customer relationships;

3. Good oral expression skills, product PPT design, product presentation skills; English can be preferred as a working language.